[Numpy-discussion] Links to doc guidelines broken

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 09:16:13 EST 2010


In the ipython doc guide (and many other places) we point to the numpy
coding guidelines (especially for documentation), but today while
conducting a sprint at the Scipy India conference,  I noticed this
link is now dead:


It seems the docs got moved over to github, which is fine:


but it would be really nice if whoever went through the Trac wiki
deleting stuff could have left a link pointing to the new proper
location of this document.  For those who knew what they were looking
for it's easy enough to find it againg with a bit of googling around,
but newcomers who may be trying to read these guidelines and simply
get Trac's version of a 404 are likely to be left confused.

I realize that in moving to a new infrastructure broken links are hard
to avoid, but for documents as widely used as the numpy coding
guidelines, perhaps leaving a link to the new location in the old
location would be a good idea...

I fixed the page with a github link, but there may be other important
pages needing a similar treatment, and I think as a policy it's
generally a good idea to leave proper redirects when important pages
are deleted.



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