[Numpy-discussion] NEP for faster ufuncs

David david at silveregg.co.jp
Tue Dec 21 21:06:35 EST 2010

Hi Mark,

On 12/22/2010 09:53 AM, Mark Wiebe wrote:
> Hello NumPy-ers,
> After some performance analysis, I've designed and implemented a new
> iterator designed to speed up ufuncs and allow for easier
> multi-dimensional iteration.  The new code is fairly large, but works
> quite well already.  If some people could read the NEP and give some
> feedback, that would be great!  Here's a link:
> https://github.com/m-paradox/numpy/blob/mw_neps/doc/neps/new-iterator-ufunc.rst

This looks pretty cool. I hope to be able to take a look at it during 
the christmas holidays.

I cannot comment in details yet, but it seems to address several issues 
I encountered myself while implementing the neighborhood iterator (which 
I will try to update to use the new one).

One question: which CPU/platform did you test it on ?



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