[Numpy-discussion] Strange problem with h5py and numpy

Johannes Korn korn at freisingnet.de
Mon Dec 27 12:58:24 EST 2010


I have a strange problem with h5py or with numpy.

I try to read a bunch of hdf files in a loop. The problem is that I get 
an error at the second file because the file handle is of type <Closed 
HDF5 file>

It seems the file is opened and instantaneous closed again. Meanwhile I 
found the root of the evil: First I read the contents of a dataset to 
the numpy array tmp. In the next step I paste this array into a bigger 
one "alb_c1_tmp". The shape of tmp is (651, 1701). Everything works well 
if I omit the pasting.

         alb_c1_tmp = zeros([3712,3712])

         c1_eu = File(filename_ch1_eu,mode='r')
         print c1_eu
         tmp = c1_eu['AL-SP-BH'][:]

	#Source of the evil
         alb_c1_tmp[ 3012:3663,  462:2163 ] = tmp


The code as above crashes always when the second file is read. However 
originally I had the boundaries of alb_c1_tmp set dynamically from 
attributes of the hdf files (they are identical for all files), this 
code crashed after a random number of files.

Here´s the line that caused the randomly delayed crashes:
alb_c1_tmp[ 1855 + c1_eu.attrs['LOFF'] - c1_eu.attrs['NL'] : 1855 + 
c1_eu.attrs['LOFF'] , 1855 + c1_eu.attrs['COFF'] - c1_eu.attrs['NC'] : 
1855 + c1_eu.attrs['COFF'] ] = tmp

Is it a bug or did I something wrong?

Python 2.6.5 (r265:79063, Oct 28 2010, 20:56:56)
Numpy-Version is probably 1.5.0
h5py 1.3.0
Happens under 32bit as well as under 64bit SuSE-release 11.3

Kind regards!


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