[Numpy-discussion] Simple shared arrays

Erik Rigtorp erik at rigtorp.com
Thu Dec 30 21:30:21 EST 2010


I was trying to parallelize some algorithms and needed a writable
array shared between processes. It turned out to be quite simple and
gave a nice speed up almost linear in number of cores. Of course you
need to know what you are doing to avoid segfaults and such. But I
still think something like this should be included with NumPy for
power users.

This works by inheriting anonymous mmaped memory. Not sure if this
works on windows.

import numpy as np
import multiprocessing as mp

class shared(np.ndarray):
    """Shared writable array"""

    def __new__(subtype, shape, interface=None):
        size = np.prod(shape)
        if interface == None:
            buffer = mp.RawArray('d', size)
            self = np.ndarray.__new__(subtype, shape, float, buffer)
            class Dummy(object): pass
            buffer = Dummy()
            buffer.__array_interface__ = interface
            a = np.asarray(buffer)
            self = np.ndarray.__new__(subtype, shape=a.shape, buffer=a)
        return self

    def __reduce_ex__(self, protocol):
        return shared, (self.shape, self.__array_interface__)

    def __reduce__(self):
        return __reduce_ex__(self, 0)

Also see attached file for example usage.

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