[Numpy-discussion] [SPAM] Re: [SciPy-User] Announcing toydist, improving distribution and packaging situation

Pierre Raybaut contact at pythonxy.com
Sat Jan 2 05:40:16 EST 2010

2010/1/2 David Cournapeau <cournape at gmail.com>:
> On Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 10:43 PM, Pierre Raybaut <contact at pythonxy.com> wrote:
>> Hi David,
>> Following your announcement for the 'toydist' module, I think that
>> your project is very promising: this is certainly a great idea and it
>> will be very controversial but that's because people expectactions are
>> great on this matter (distutils is so disappointing indeed).
>> Anyway, if I may be useful, I'll gladly contribute to it.
>> In time, I could change the whole Python(x,y) packaging system (which
>> is currently quite ugly... but easy/quick to manage/maintain) to
>> use/promote this new module.
> That would be a good way to test toydist on a real, complex package. I
> am not familiar at all with python(x,y) internals. Do you have some
> explanation I could look at somewhere ?

Honestly, let's assume that there is currently no packaging system...
it would not be very far from the truth. I did it when I was young and
naive regarding Python. Actually I almost did it without having
writing any code in Python (approx. two months after earing about the
Python language for the first time) : it's an ugly collection of
AutoIt, NSIS and PHP scripts -- most of the tasks are automated like
updating the generated website pages and so on.
So I'm not proud at all, but it was easy and very quick to do as it
is, and it's still quite easy to maintain. But, it's not satisfying in
terms of code "purity" -- I've been wanting to rewrite all this in
Python for a year and a half but since the features are there, there
is no real motivation to do the work (in other words, Python(x,y)
users would not see the difference, at least at the beginning).

An other thing: Python(x,y) plugins are not built from source but from
existing binaries (it's a pity I know, but it was incredibly faster to
do this way). For example, eggs or distutils .exe may be converted in
Python(x,y) plugins directly (same internal directory structure).

So it may be different from the idea you had in mind (it's not like
EPD which is entirely generated from source, AFAIK).

> In the meantime, I will try to clean-up the code to have a first
> experimental release.

Ok, keep up the good work!


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