[Numpy-discussion] 1.4.0 installer fails on OSX 10.6.2

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Tue Jan 5 19:02:56 EST 2010

David Warde-Farley wrote:
> AFAIK, the System Python in 10.6 is 64-bit capable (but not in the  
> same way as Ron Oussoren's 4-way universal build script does it).  

right -- I'm not sure if it's useful, though, I don't' think there is a 
64 bit interpreter, for instance. But maybe that was the one delivered 
with 10.5. But I'm not the one to ask -- I don't have 10.6, I'm still on 
an old PPC running 10.4.

> Pretty sure the python.org binaries are 32-bit only. I still think  
> it's sensible to prefer the

waiting the rest of this sentence.. ;-)

>> As the 2.6 series is binary compatible, you can build a single  
>> installer that will work with both

> +1 on the general approach though it might get a bit more complicated  
> if the two Pythons support different sets of architectures (e.g. i386  
> and x86_64 in System Python 10.6, i386 and ppc in Python.org Python,  
> or some home-rolled weirdness).

Yes, the whole thing is a nightmare, really. 32bit ppc+i386 was bad 
enough -- with four now, it's really a mess.

> With wxPython this doesn't so much  
> matter since wxMac depends on Carbon anyway (I think it still does, at  
> least, unless the Cocoa port's suddenly sped up an incredible amount),  
> which is a 64-bit no-no.

You're right -- still strictly Carbon, and therefor strictly 32 bit.

> I'm not really a fan of packages polluting /usr/local, I'd rather the  
> tree appear /opt/packagename 

well, /opt has kind of been co-opted by macports.

> or /usr/local/packagename instead, for  
> ease of removal

wxPython gets put entirely into:


which isn't bad.

> but the general approach of "stash somewhere and put  
> a .pth in both site-packages" seems fine to me.

OK -- what about simply punting and doing two builds: one 32 bit, and 
one 64 bit. I wonder if we need 64bit PPC at all? I know I'm running 64 
bit hardware, but never ran a 64 bit OS on it -- I wonder if anyone is?

What machines/OS versions are available for building Mac installer with? 
I could do 10.4, 32 bit, ppc+intel.

I'll post on the pythonmac list to see what folks there think.


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