[Numpy-discussion] 1.4.0 installer fails on OSX 10.6.2

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Tue Jan 5 19:18:46 EST 2010

Christopher Barker wrote:
> OK -- what about simply punting and doing two builds: one 32 bit, and 
> one 64 bit. I wonder if we need 64bit PPC at all? I know I'm running 64 
> bit hardware, but never ran a 64 bit OS on it -- I wonder if anyone is?

Oh, I think this approach may be completely egg-incompatible....

Maybe we just need ten builds -- arrgg!

If distutils/setuptools could identify the python version properly, then 
  binary eggs and easy-install could be a solution -- but that's a mess, 

oh well,


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