[Numpy-discussion] fromfile() -- aarrgg!

Pauli Virtanen pav at iki.fi
Tue Jan 12 03:37:57 EST 2010

ma, 2010-01-11 kello 16:11 -0800, Christopher Barker kirjoitti:
> "If no conversion is performed, zero is returned and the value of nptr 
> is stored in the location referenced by endptr."
> off do do some more testing, but I guess that means that those pointers 
> need to be checked after the call, to see if a conversion was generated.
> Am I right?

Yes, that's how strtod() is typically used.

NumPyOS_ascii_ftolf already checks that, but it seems to me that
fromstr_next_element or possibly fromstr does not.

> PS: Boy, this is a pain!

Welcome to the wonderful world of C ;)


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