[Numpy-discussion] Fixing numpy 1.4.0 ABI breakage, and a plea for self-contained, small commits

David Cournapeau david at silveregg.co.jp
Thu Jan 28 00:03:04 EST 2010

Alan G Isaac wrote:
> On 1/27/2010 8:56 PM, David Cournapeau wrote:
>> one could make the argument that releasing the API would avoid
>> having to port numpy "twice" (first to py3k with say numpy 1.5.0, then
>> to the new API for numpy 2.0). But I am not sure it is a big change in
>> practice ?
> OK, I misunderstood: I thought you were proposing to change
> the API *only* for the py3k NumPy, effectively leaving the
> earlier Pythons orphaned.

Ah, inddeed. Given the current adoption of py3k for libraries that 
matter to us, that would be insane :)


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