[Numpy-discussion] NumPy & SciPy with Snow Leopard 64-bit Py-2.6.4

Tom Loredo loredo at astro.cornell.edu
Mon Mar 1 15:23:53 EST 2010

Just wanted to report qualified success installing NumPy & SciPy under
a 64-bit build of Python-2.6.4 (universal framework) on OS X 10.6.2
(current Snow Leopard).  I am using the current SVN checkouts
(numpy r8270, scipy r6250).

NumPy has installed successfully for some time now and the current
SVN maintains this:

>>> numpy.test()
Ran 2521 tests in 8.518s

SciPy has been causing me problems for weeks with segfaults with
IFFT tests, as reported on scipy-dev (no one ever responded to
this so I made no progress in diagnosing it):


However, r6250 now runs scipy.test() without segfault, though with
22 errors and 2 failures.  The full tests give:

>>> scipy.test('full')
Ran 4982 tests in 652.478s
FAILED (KNOWNFAIL=13, SKIP=27, errors=22, failures=6)

I am not familiar with what many of the tests are covering, so I
cannot assess the severity of all the errors and failures.  Some
of them seem to be bugs in the tests (e.g., use of an unexpected
keyword "new" in several histogram tests); others are innocuous 
(e.g., missing PIL, which I haven't installed yet).  I've posted
the report here:


I'd appreciate comments on which issues are nontrivial and
deserve attention to as a SciPy user.  E.g., the first error
is in an lapack test and involves a ValueError where infs or
NaNs appear where they shouldn't.  Is this a bug in the test,
or does it indicate a 64-bit issue that is making inf/NaN
appear where it shouldn't?  E.g., there are arpack errors,
but I don't know what the "Error info=-8" message signifies.
Other arpack errors are due to large solution mismatches, 
which I presume are serious and deserve attention.

Tom Loredo

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