[Numpy-discussion] NumPy & SciPy with Snow Leopard 64-bit Py-2.6.4

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Mon Mar 1 15:49:52 EST 2010

On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 3:23 PM, Tom Loredo <loredo at astro.cornell.edu> wrote:
> Just wanted to report qualified success installing NumPy & SciPy under
> a 64-bit build of Python-2.6.4 (universal framework) on OS X 10.6.2
> (current Snow Leopard).  I am using the current SVN checkouts
> (numpy r8270, scipy r6250).
> NumPy has installed successfully for some time now and the current
> SVN maintains this:
>>>> numpy.test()
> ..
> Ran 2521 tests in 8.518s
> SciPy has been causing me problems for weeks with segfaults with
> IFFT tests, as reported on scipy-dev (no one ever responded to
> this so I made no progress in diagnosing it):
> http://mail.scipy.org/pipermail/scipy-dev/2010-February/013921.html
> However, r6250 now runs scipy.test() without segfault, though with
> 22 errors and 2 failures.  The full tests give:
>>>> scipy.test('full')
> ..
> Ran 4982 tests in 652.478s
> FAILED (KNOWNFAIL=13, SKIP=27, errors=22, failures=6)
> I am not familiar with what many of the tests are covering, so I
> cannot assess the severity of all the errors and failures.  Some
> of them seem to be bugs in the tests (e.g., use of an unexpected
> keyword "new" in several histogram tests);


this still needs to be changed in scipy.stats, because new keyword has
been removed in numpy trunk 2 weeks ago.


others are innocuous
> (e.g., missing PIL, which I haven't installed yet).  I've posted
> the report here:
> http://www.pastie.org/848651
> I'd appreciate comments on which issues are nontrivial and
> deserve attention to as a SciPy user.  E.g., the first error
> is in an lapack test and involves a ValueError where infs or
> NaNs appear where they shouldn't.  Is this a bug in the test,
> or does it indicate a 64-bit issue that is making inf/NaN
> appear where it shouldn't?  E.g., there are arpack errors,
> but I don't know what the "Error info=-8" message signifies.
> Other arpack errors are due to large solution mismatches,
> which I presume are serious and deserve attention.
> Thanks,
> Tom Loredo
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