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Patrick Marsh patrickmarshwx at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 09:34:13 EST 2010


I sent this last night but the buildout.txt file was too large so my email
was held pending moderation.  When I got up this morning I realized that
there was a good chance that the moderation queue is overwhelmed and not
looked at much so I decided to post links to the out files and resubmit.  I
apologize if any of you get this twice...

Okay, I'm about out of ideas.  Hopefully someone on here has an idea as to
what might be going on.

1.  I am still unable to build the windows superpack using pavement.py, even
after making sure I have all the necessary dependencies.  However, the good
news is that pavement.py now recognizes where the Atlas binaries David
provided are located.  The output from "paver bdist_wininst" is located
here http://patricktmarsh.com/numpy/20100302.paveout.txt.

2.  Since I couldn't get pavement.py to work, I decided to try and build
Numpy with sse3 support using "python25 setup.py build -c mingw32
bdist_wininst > buildout.txt".  (Note, I've also done this for building with
Python 2.6.)  This works and I'm able to build the windows installer for
both Python 2.5 and 2.6.  (The output of the build from Python 2.5 is here
http://patricktmarsh.com/numpy/20100302.buildout.txt.  However, when I try
to run the test suite (using "python25 -c 'import numpy; print
numpy.__version__; numpy.test();' > testout.txt"), Python 2.5 runs, with
failures & errors, whereas Python 2.6 freezes and eventually (Python itself)
quits.  Since I'm unable to generate the test suite log for Numpy on Python
2.6, I'm working on the (incorrect?) assumption that the freezing when using
Python 2.6 corresponds with the failures/errors when using Python 2.5.  The
Python 2.5 numpy test suite log is located here:

Most of the errors with my locally build numpy version comes from the test
suite being unable to call "matrix".  One, of many, examples is attached
below.  I don't know where else to look anymore.  I get the same results
when building from trunk and building from the 1.4.x tag (which I downloaded
this morning).  I've gotten these same results when building on a different
laptop (which was a 32bit version of Windows 7 Professional).

I should disclose that I'm currently running a 64bit version of Windows 7
I'm running EPDv5.1.1 32bit for Python 2.5.4 (shipped numpy test suite works
I'm running EPDv6.1.1 32bit for Python 2.6.4 (shipped numpy test suite works
I've achieved the same errors when using a generic 32bit Python install
downloaded from the official Python website.

I'm hoping that I've looked at this for so long that I'm missing something
obvious. Any thoughts/suggestions at this point would be appreciated.

ERROR: Test whether matrix.sum(axis=1) preserves orientation.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Python25\lib\site-packages\numpy\core\tests\test_defmatrix.py",
line 56, in test_sum
    M = matrix([[1,2,0,0],
NameError: global name 'matrix' is not defined

Patrick Marsh
Ph.D. Student / NSSL Liaison to the HWT
School of Meteorology / University of Oklahoma
Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies
National Severe Storms Laboratory
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