[Numpy-discussion] setting decimal accuracy in array operations (scikits.timeseries)

Marco Tuckner marcotuckner at public-files.de
Wed Mar 3 15:09:21 EST 2010

am using the scikit.timeseries to convert a hourly timeseries to a lower
frequency unsing the appropriate function [1].

When I compare the result to the values calculated with a Pivot table in
Excel there is a difference in the values which reaches quite high
values in the total sum of all monthly values.

I found out that the differnec arises from different decimal settings:

In Python the numbers show:

whereas in Excel I see:

The difference due to the different decimals is small for single values
and accumulates to a 2-digit number for the total of all values.

* Why do these differences arise?
* What can I do to achive comparable values?

Thanks in advance for any hint,


P.S.: Sorry if this is a numpy question but as I was using the scikit I
though this is the right forum.

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