[Numpy-discussion] PSF GSoC 2010 (Py3K focus)

Jarrod Millman millman at berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 9 00:29:28 EST 2010

I added Titus' email regarding the PSF's focus on Py3K-related
projects to our SoC ideas wiki page:

Given Titus' email, this is the most likely list of projects we will
get accepted this year:

- finish porting NumPy to Py3K
- port SciPy to Py3K
- port matplotlib to Py3K
- port ipython to Py3K

Given that we know what projects we will likely have accepted, it is
worth starting to flesh these proposals out in detail.  Also, we
should start discussing how we will choose which student's we want to
work on these ports.  In particular, we should list what skills and
background will be necessary to successfully complete these ports.

Thoughts? Ideas?


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