[Numpy-discussion] multiprocessing shared arrays and numpy

Nadav Horesh nadavh at visionsense.com
Thu Mar 11 07:20:34 EST 2010

Here is a strange thing I am getting with multiprocessing and memory mapped array:

The below script generates the error message 30 times (for every slice access):

Exception AttributeError: AttributeError("'NoneType' object has no attribute 'tell'",) in <bound method memmap.__del__ of memmap(2949995000.0)> ignored

Although I get the correct answer eventually.
import numpy as N
import multiprocessing as MP

def average(cube):
    return [plane.mean() for plane in cube]

N.arange(30*100*100, dtype=N.int32).tofile(open('30x100x100_int32.dat','w'))

data = N.memmap('30x100x100_int32.dat', dtype=N.int32, shape=(30,100,100))

pool = MP.Pool(processes=1)

job = pool.apply_async(average, [data,])
print job.get()


I use python 2.6.4 and numpy 1.4.0 on 64 bit linux (amd64)


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On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 10:04:36AM +0100, Francesc Alted wrote:
> As far as I know, memmap files (or better, the underlying OS) *use* all 
> available RAM for loading data until RAM is exhausted and then start to use 
> SWAP, so the "memory pressure" is still there.  But I may be wrong...

I believe that your above assertion is 'half' right. First I think that
it is not SWAP that the memapped file uses, but the original disk space,
thus you avoid running out of SWAP. Second, if you open several times the
same data without memmapping, I believe that it will be duplicated in
memory. On the other hand, when you memapping, it is not duplicated, thus
if you are running several processing jobs on the same data, you save
memory. I am very much in this case.

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