[Numpy-discussion] draft release guide

Francesc Alted faltet at pytables.org
Wed Mar 24 10:25:16 EDT 2010

A Wednesday 24 March 2010 12:00:36 David Cournapeau escrigué:
> On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 6:50 PM, Francesc Alted <faltet at pytables.org> wrote:
> > Also, I have read the draft and I cannot see references to 64-bit binary
> > packages.  With the advent of Windows 7 and Mac OSX Snow Leopard, 64-bit
> > are way more spread than before, so they would be a great thing to
> > deliver, IMO.
> For Mac OS X, we should wait for official 64 bits binaries from
> python.org - EPD offers 64 bits binaries if necessary. On windows, the
> situation is more complicated, because there is no way to build numpy
> and scipy correctly with free compilers. For various reasons, I think
> we should avoid distributing binaries based on non-free compilers (not
> available to everyone, problem of compatibility and redistribution of
> non-free code, especially for fortran) - and for people who don't
> mind/care, there are unofficial win64 binaries out there (we may put a
> link somewhere). Unfortunately, I don't think I will have much time to
> spend on making scipy and gfortran work together on win64 in the near
> future,

Ok.  I've been having a try at mingw-w64 project:


with no success so far with build numpy:

$ python setup.py build --compiler=mingw32
Found executable C:\mingw-w64_x86_64-mingw\mingw64\bin\gcc.exe
g++ -mno-cygwin _configtest.o -lmsvcr90 -o _configtest.exe
Found executable C:\mingw-w64_x86_64-mingw\mingw64\bin\g++.exe
../../x86_64-w64-mingw32/bin/ld.exe: cannot find -lmsvcr90
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

However, I can compile it with plain mingw tool chain (obviously, only can get 
w32 binaries).  Any hint on how to proceed with mingw-w64?


Francesc Alted

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