[Numpy-discussion] StringIO test failure with Python3.1.2

Pauli Virtanen pav at iki.fi
Wed Mar 24 11:29:26 EDT 2010

ke, 2010-03-24 kello 09:20 -0600, Charles R Harris kirjoitti:
> What would be the best fix? Should we rename io to something like
> npyio?

That, or:

Disable import conversions in tools/py3tool.py for that particular file,
and fix any import errors manually so that the same code works both for
Python 2 and Python 3. Actually, I suspect there are no import errors,
since the top-level imports in that file are already absolute.

Anyway, it's a bug in 2to3. I suppose it first converts

	from StringIO import StringIO


	from io import StringIO

and then runs the import fixer, which does

	from .io import StringIO

and that's a bug.


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