[Numpy-discussion] draft release guide

Francesc Alted faltet at pytables.org
Thu Mar 25 08:33:02 EDT 2010

A Thursday 25 March 2010 10:53:34 David Cournapeau escrigué:
> Believe it or not, but this is already much better than what I had last
> time I looked at it (the stack was corrupted after two items, and gdb
> often crashed). I had to build custom mingw runtimes to get there last
> year :)

Well, I've reported the problem just in case:


> What works well is MS compiler + Intel Fortran compiler (at least with
> numscons). Surprisingly, when I tried using the Intel C compiler + Intel
> Fortran compiler, I also had a lot of issues, not unlike the ones with
> mingw. What I am afraid is that the C runtimes issues are unsolvable on
> win64 because of python, and that we have to use the MS compiler (for C
> and C++).

Ok.  So it seems the MS compiler venue for 64-bit is unavoidable (at this 
moment, at least).  One question though: is a fortran compiler really 
necessary for compiling just numpy?  If so, why?

Francesc Alted

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