[Numpy-discussion] Import patch

Paul Anton Letnes paul.anton.letnes at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 06:35:08 EDT 2011


When looking at the loadtxt/savetxt tickets, I noticed that the 're' module is imported in an odd place. I therefore suggest that this import is moved to the top of the file, in order to gather these as much as possible. I find the code easier to read then. After all, there is no 'try / catch' or similar to check if the module exists. See patch below. I do not believe any tests or tickets are needed - correct me if I am wrong.


--- a/numpy/lib/npyio.py	Sat Apr 02 20:19:55 2011 -0600
+++ b/numpy/lib/npyio.py	Sun Apr 03 12:30:02 2011 +0200
@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@
 import format
 import sys
 import os
+import re
 import sys
 import itertools
 import warnings
@@ -956,7 +957,6 @@
         if own_fh:
-import re
 def fromregex(file, regexp, dtype):
     Construct an array from a text file, using regular expression parsing.

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