[Numpy-discussion] ATLAS - support letter

pratik pratik.mallya at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 21:55:18 EDT 2011

On Wednesday 20 April 2011 10:57 PM, Matthew Brett wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm on the ATLAS mailing list, maybe some of y'all are too.  Clint
> Whaley, the author of ATLAS, was asking for letters to support his
> tenure case.  That is, letters saying that lots of us benefit greatly
> from his work - which is obviously true.
> Can we the numpy community produce such a letter?  Who would it best come from?
> Cheers,
> Matthew
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If the place where he is seeking tenure does not know his name (i.e 
hasn't heard of ATLAS) then it is not a good place to seek tenure in :) .

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