[Numpy-discussion] Segfault using "fromstring" and reading variable length string

Gökhan Sever gokhansever at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 16:06:56 EDT 2011


Given this piece of code (I can provide the meg file off-the list for those
who wants to reproduce the error)

import numpy as np

f = open("a08A0122.341071.meg", "rb")

dt = np.dtype([('line1', '|S80'), ('line2', np.object_), ('line3', '|S80'),
('line4', '|S80'),
               ('line5', '|S80'), ('line6', '|S2'), ('line7', np.int32,
2000), ('line8', '|S2'),
               ('line9', np.int32, 2000), ('line10', '|S2')])

k = np.fromstring(f.read(dt.itemsize), dt)[0]

Accessing k causes a "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" and kills my python
and IPython sessions immediately.  I actually know that the culprit is
"np.object_" in this case.  The original was as ('line2', '|S81') however
those meg files (mix of text and binary content) have a funny habit of
switching from 80 characters to 81 (including "/r/n" chars). I was testing
if I could create a variable length string dtype, which seems not possible.

Little more info: that line2 has time stamps, one of which is in the form
of 22:34:59.999. I have seen in the file that 22:34:59.999 was originally
written as 22:34:59.1000 which causes that extra character flow.
(Interestingly, millisecond should cycle from 0-999 and overflow at 999
instead of 1000 which to me indicates a slight bug) Because of this reason,
I can't read the whole content of those meg files since somewhere in the
middle fromstring attempts reading a shifted (erroneous) content. Should I
go fix that millisecond overflow first or is there an alternative way to
approach this problem?


Platform     : Linux-
Python       : ('CPython', 'tags/r27', '82500')
IPython      : 0.10
NumPy       : 2.0.0.dev-2e96d91

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