[Numpy-discussion] failure to register ufunc loops for user defined types

Mark Wiebe mwwiebe at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 12:25:19 EST 2011

On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 11:37 PM, Geoffrey Irving <irving at naml.us> wrote:

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> Back to the bugs: here's a branch with all the changes I needed to get
> rational arithmetic to work:
>    https://github.com/girving/numpy
> I discovered two more after the last email.  One is another simple 0
> vs. 1 bug, and another is somewhat optional:
> commit 730b05a892371d6f18d9317e5ae6dc306c0211b0
> Author: Geoffrey Irving <irving at naml.us>
> Date:   Sun Dec 4 20:03:46 2011 -0800
>    After loops, check for PyErr_Occurred() even if needs_api is 0
>    For certain types of user defined classes, casting and ufunc loops
>    normally run without the Python API, but occasionally need to throw
>    an error.  Currently we assume that !needs_api means no error occur.
>    However, the fastest way to implement such loops is to run without
>    the GIL normally and use PyGILState_Ensure/Release if an error occurs.
>    In order to support this usage pattern, change all post-loop checks from
>        needs_api && PyErr_Occurred()
>    to simply
>        PyErr_Occurred()

To support this properly, I think we would need to convert needs_api into
an enum with this hybrid mode as another case. While it isn't done
currently, I was imagining using a thread pool to multithread the trivially
data-parallel operations when needs_api is false, and I suspect the
PyGILState_Ensure/Release would trigger undefined behavior in a thread
created entirely outside of the Python system. For comparison, I created a
special mechanism for simplified multi-threaded exceptions in the nditer in
the 'errmsg' parameter:


Worth considering is also the fact that the PyGILState API is incompatible
with multiple embedded interpreters. Maybe that's not something anyone does
with NumPy, though.


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