[Numpy-discussion] ignore NAN in numpy.true_divide()

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Mon Dec 5 17:29:43 EST 2011

Maybe I am asking the wrong question or could go about this another way.
I have thousands of numpy arrays to flick through, could I just identify
which arrays have NAN's and for now ignore the entire array. is there a
simple way to do this?
any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 12:16 PM, questions anon <questions.anon at gmail.com>wrote:

> I am trying to calculate the mean across many netcdf files. I cannot use
> numpy.mean because there are too many files to concatenate and I end up
> with a memory error. I have enabled the below code to do what I need but I
> have a few nan values in some of my arrays. Is there a way to ignore these
> somewhere in my code. I seem to face this problem often so I would love a
> command that ignores blanks in my array before I continue on to the next
> processing step.
> Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
> netCDF_list=[]
> for dir in glob.glob(MainFolder + '*/01/')+ glob.glob(MainFolder +
> '*/02/')+ glob.glob(MainFolder + '*/12/'):
>         for ncfile in glob.glob(dir + '*.nc'):
>             netCDF_list.append(ncfile)
> slice_counter=0
> print netCDF_list
> for filename in netCDF_list:
>         ncfile=netCDF4.Dataset(filename)
>         TSFC=ncfile.variables['T_SFC'][:]
>         fillvalue=ncfile.variables['T_SFC']._FillValue
>         TSFC=MA.masked_values(TSFC, fillvalue)
>         for i in xrange(0,len(TSFC)-1,1):
>                 slice_counter +=1
>                 #print slice_counter
>                 try:
>                         running_sum=N.add(running_sum, TSFC[i])
>                 except NameError:
>                         print "Initiating the running total of my
> variable..."
>                         running_sum=N.array(TSFC[i])
> TSFC_avg=N.true_divide(running_sum, slice_counter)
> N.set_printoptions(threshold='nan')
> print "the TSFC_avg is:", TSFC_avg
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