[Numpy-discussion] idea of optimisation?

Xavier Barthelemy xabart at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 07:24:40 EST 2011

Yes I understood what you said. I know these tools, and I am using them.
I was just wandering if someone has a more one-liner-pythonic way to do it.
I don't think it's worth importing a new fortran module.
Thanks anyway :)

2011/12/6 David Froger <david.froger at gmail.com>

> Excerpts from Xavier Barthelemy's message of mar. déc. 06 08:51:22 +0100
> 2011:
> > ok let me be more precise
> >
> > I have an Z array which is the elevation
> > from this I extract a discrete array of Zero Crossing, and another
> discrete
> > array of Crests.
> > len(crest) is different than len(Xzeros). I have a threshold method to
> > detect my "valid" crests, and sometimes there are 2 crests between two
> > zero-crossing (grouping effect)
> >
> > Crest and Zeros are 2 different arrays, with positions. example:
> > Zeros=[1,2,3,4] Arrays=[1.5,1.7,3.5]
> Thanks  for the  precision.  My suggestion  was to  consider the
>  alternative of
> rewriting the critical  time consuming part of the code  (the function
> that take
> XCrest and Xzeros as input and return CrestZerosNeighbour) in C or
> Fortran, this
> function si then wrapped into Python using Swig,  or F2py,  or Cython, or
> Weave.
> I think this is a typical case  where this is usefull.  Advantage is that
> in the
> C or Fortran function,  you can code directly the algorithm you want and
> have an
> maximal optimization.  Drawback is that you loose the simplicity of pure
> Python,
> you need to manage 2 languages and a tool to connect them...
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