[Numpy-discussion] What does fftn take as parameters?

Roger Binns rogerb at rogerbinns.com
Tue Dec 6 13:17:52 EST 2011

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On 06/12/11 09:59, Chris Barker wrote:
> That would be a lot of links

Huh?  The current page defines axis in terms of axis so if you don't know
what it is you have to look it up.  The search is completely useless as I
showed.  You want using numpy to be some sort of secret one has to work
hard at?

What I was asking for was that the word axis in the doc page links to a
page that explains terms like axis and shape as numpy uses them.

> By the way, if you are getting JSON (from a web service?), converting
> to liats, converting to numpy arrays, then fft-ing (then maybe
> converting all that back?)

I don't know what a liat is and I'm not converting to numpy arrays.  I
pass in regular Python lists and treat the result as though it was a
regular Python list.

I need to do 16 ffts with columns of data all the same length.  That was
why the interest in fftn (misplaced).  Someone else mentioned that fft can
actually do multiple ffts in one go and the math guy mentioned that it
should be more efficient that way.

At the moment I do indeed use a for loop with 16 iterations.

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