[Numpy-discussion] numpy.mean problems

David Verelst david.verelst at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 17:46:10 EST 2011

Note that the pytables pro you are referring to is no longer behind a 
pay wall. Recently the project went through some changes and the pro 
versions disappeared. All pro features where merged into the main 
project and, are as a consequence, also available for free.


On 13/12/11 21:01, ferreirafm wrote:
> Hi Eraldo,
> Thanks for your suggestion. I was using pytables but give up after known
> that some very useful capabilities are sold as a professional package.
> However, it still useful to many printing and data manipulation and, also,
> it can handle extremely large datasets (which is not my case.).
> Regards,
> Fred
> Eraldo Pomponi wrote:
>> I would suggest you to have a look at pandas
>> (http://pandas.sourceforge.net/)
>> . It was
>> really helpful for me. It seems well suited for the type of data that you
>> are working
>> with. It has nice "brodcasting" capabilities to apply numpy functions to a
>> set column.
>> http://pandas.sourceforge.net/basics.html#descriptive-statistics
>> http://pandas.sourceforge.net/basics.html#function-application
>> Cheers,
>> Eraldo

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