[Numpy-discussion] fft help

Burlen Loring burlen.loring at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 16:05:36 EST 2011


I have an image I need to do an fft on, I tried numpy.fft but results are
not what I expected, and differ from matlab.

My input image is a weird size, 5118x1279, I think numpy fft is not liking it. In
numpy the fft appears to be computed multiple times and tiled across the
output image. In other words the pattern I see in matlab fft is tiled
repeatedly over numpy fft output. Any idea on what I'm doing wrong?

you can see repeated pattern in the top panel of this image which also has
the input in the bottom panel.
http://old.nabble.com/file/p33047057/fft_uex.png  fft_uex.png


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