[Numpy-discussion] create a numpy array of images

Asmi Shah asmi.capri at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 09:07:35 EST 2011

Hi Zach and Sturla,

Well I am a "she" :)) Thanks for your inputs.. I am using 32 bit python as
have so many libraries integrated with it.. and moreover, i plan to put this
volume rendered on a web page or distribute the exe in the end, so want to
be minimal for the memory requirements on the clients' systems..
the physical memory should not be a problem as I have 8GB RAM.. specially
when the images are RGB then it gets into trouble as it adds the 4th
dimension already in my case..

- asmi

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Den 1. feb. 2011 kl. 11.20 skrev "totonixsame at gmail.com" <
totonixsame at gmail.com>:

I have one more question: how to avoid the limitation of memoryerror in
>> numpy. as I have like 200 images to stack in the numpy array of say
>> 1024x1344 resolution.. have any idea apart from downsampling?
> Take a look at numpy.memmap or h5py [1].
memmap will not help unless he uses 64 bit Python, in which case he can just
buy more RAM if he has too little. I suspect he is running out of virtual
memory, not physical, for which 64 bit is the easiest solution. It is not
possible to compensate for lack of virtual memory (typically 2GB limit with
32 bit) by memory mapping file into the already exhausted memory space.

Using a database like h5py will help too, unless he tries to extract them
all at once.

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