[Numpy-discussion] Postdoctoral Positions at Univ of Alabama

Eric Carlson ecarlson at eng.ua.edu
Tue Feb 1 22:12:43 EST 2011

Hello All,
I apologize for using this venue, and flame me if you must, but I wish 
to announce two Postdoctoral positions in the Department of Chemical and 
Biological Engineering at the University of Alabama, in Tuscaloosa, AL, 
USA. The funding concerns modeling of geological sequestration of CO2. 
The actual activities for the project involve development of some open 
source software for petroleum reservoir simulation, development of vast 
amounts of educational documentation and software (again open source), 
theoretical developments - really, these positions can be almost 
anything. For example:

1. Efficient parallel coding
2. Theoretical formulations for reactive transport in porous media
3. Algorithm development
4. Scientific Python educational documentation
5. GUI development
6. Visualization
7. Video production
8. Give me some suggestions

If interested, you probably should contact me via email (ecarlson .at. 
eng. ua .edu )with a very clear subject line of "Sequestration 
Postdoctoral Position Inquiry" and if I like what you present, I will 
provide the additional instructions to formally apply through out HR dept.

The positions are available now, and can last until at least 12/8/2012, 
with a good chance for extension for a few months after that.

Eric Carlson, Associate Professor
University of Alabama

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