[Numpy-discussion] numpy docs dependency problem in Ubuntu

Pauli Virtanen pav at iki.fi
Thu Feb 10 17:26:49 EST 2011

to, 2011-02-10 kello 12:22 -0500, Barry Warsaw kirjoitti:
[clip: Ubuntu cannot put matplotlib needed by Numpy docs into main]
> This lets me get through the build of the docs without the dependency on
> matplotlib, and a cursory look at the documentation looks pretty good.
> I'm inclined to propose this as a permanent workaround, but I wanted to get
> your feedback first.  Is there a better way to build the docs without
> matplotlib?  What are the practical effects of my workaround?  Do you think
> this will be an acceptable solution for Ubuntu users of numpy?

Without matplotlib, you won't get any graphs in the documentation.
Ubuntu users will then miss out e.g. on illustrations of various
probability distributions. The figures are not absolutely necessary, but
I wouldn't like to see that to happen just because of a packaging issue.

How about splitting off the Numpy documentation to a separate source
package? That wouldn't need to get into main, as it's of use only to

Or, using prebuilt HTML documentation supplied by upstream or pre-built
by Ubuntu devs?

Pauli Virtanen

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