[Numpy-discussion] help with translating some matlab

Neal Becker ndbecker2 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 13:11:39 EST 2011

My translation is:

    x1 = rcv[n:n-N:-1]
    z = np.dot (P, x1.conj().transpose())

    g = z / (_lambda + np.dot (x1, z))

    y = np.dot (h, x1.conj().transpose())

    e = x[n-N/2] - y

    h += np.dot (e, g.conj().transpose())

    P = (P - np.dot (g, z.conj().transpose()))/_lambda

But it doesn't work.

You say z should be a column vector.  I got:
In [138]: x1.shape
Out[138]: (64,)

In [139]: z.shape
Out[139]: (64,)

Clearly, I did something wrong here.

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