[Numpy-discussion] ANN: inSCIght, The Scientific Computing Podcast

Anthony Scopatz scopatz at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 18:33:54 EST 2011

Hello All,

I am very pleased to announce inSCIght, a new scientific computing podcast
(press release below).  I apologize for those of you in the intersection of
these lists that may receive this message multiple times.

As I mention in the press release, we are very open to your contributions!

Be Well

inSCIght: The Scientific Computing Podcast
'inSCIght' is a podcast that focuses on scientific computing in all of its
various forms.
Every week we have a few panelists engage head-to-head on poignant and
interesting topics.

The panelists are drawn from all across the scientific computing community.
 From embedded
systems experts to very high level language gurus, biologists and nuclear
the hosts of inSCIght use computers to solve science and engineering
problems everyday.

This podcast throws people, ideas, and opinions into an audio-blender hoping
to educate
and entice each other and the world.

You can find us at:

     * inSCIght.org (http://inscight.org/),
    * Twitter (http://twitter.com/inscight/),
    * Convore (https://convore.com/inscight/),
    * and GitHub (https://github.com/inscight/).

Furthermore, we are are always looking to supplement our current repertoire
of hosts and
 special guests.  So if you would like to contribute to inSCIght or have
something interesting
to present on a show, feel free to email us at info_AT_inscight.org. We'd
love to have you
join the conversation!

The inSCIght podcast is a co-production of Enthought, Software Carpentry,
and The Hacker Within.

Thanks for listening!

The inSCIght podcast is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
(CC BY 3.0) license.
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