[Numpy-discussion] ANN: Spyder v2.0.8

Pierre Raybaut pierre.raybaut at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 13:34:53 EST 2011

Hi all,

I am pleased to announced that Spyder v2.0.8 has just been released.
As this is mostly a maintenance release, a lot of bugs were fixed (see
below) and some minor features were added.

Integration Spyder's GUI-based Python shell in your application:
Note that this version includes an example of application using the
Spyder's internal shell as a debugging console which also demonstrates
the py2exe deployment procedure.

Spyder (previously known as Pydee) is a free open-source Python
development environment providing MATLAB-like features in a simple and
light-weighted software, available for Windows XP/Vista/7, GNU/Linux
and MacOS X: http://spyderlib.googlecode.com/
Spyder is part of spyderlib, a Python module based on PyQt4, pyflakes
and rope (QScintilla's dependency has been removed in version 2.0 and
rope features have been integrated since this version as well).

Some of Spyder basic features:
    * Python, C/C++, Fortran source editor with class/function
browser, code completion and calltips
    * consoles:
          o open as many Python interpreters, IPython consoles or
command windows as you need
          o code completion and calltips
          o variable explorer with GUI-based editors for a lot of data
types (numbers, strings, lists, arrays, dictionaries, ...)
    * object inspector: provide documentation or source code on any
Python object (class, function, module, ...)
    * online documentation: automatically generated html documentation
on installed Python modules
    * find in files
    * file explorer
    * project manager
    * MATLAB-like PYTHONPATH management dialog box (works with all consoles)
    * Windows only: current user environment variables editor
    * direct links to documentation (Python, Qt, Matplotlib, NumPy,
Scipy, etc.)
    * direct link to Python(x,y) launcher
    * direct links to QtDesigner, QtLinguist and QtAssistant (Qt documentation)

Bug fixes (since v2.0.6):

Consoles/bugfix: saving history log (see context menu) was not working
following a recent code cleaning/refactoring
On non-Windows platforms, the file selection dialog "All files (*.*)"
filter was not matching files without extension
dochelpers.isdefined/bugfix: ignoring syntax errors while evaluating object
Preferences Dialog (dialog box + keyboard shortcut page): improved
size/resize behavior
Editor: when cursor was on the very last line, Duplicate/Delete line
features were getting stuck in an infinite loop
Editor/duplicate line feature - fixed unexpected behavior: when
duplicating selected text, text selection was extended to duplicated
Editor/bugfix with multiple editor windows: when opening file on one
editor window, the top-left corner menu (file list) was not updated
correctly in other editor windows
Editor/fixed unexpected behavior: when clicking on the main window's
outline explorer while a separate editor window had focus, the latter
was used to show the associated line of code
Project explorer: added new debugging options (profiling 'rope' calls)
Console/Advanced settings/UMD module list: removing all entries (empty
module list) was not working
Editor/File list management dialog (Ctrl+E): double-clicking/pressing
Return on a listwidget item will switch to the associated file
Editor/Tab bar: fixed missing tooltips issue (and missing file switch
menu entries)
Code completion/bugfix: list widget was not hiding as expected when pressing ':'
Editor/fixed unexpected behavior: when some text was selected,
"Ctrl+Left mouse click" was trying to "go to definition" instead of
doing the standard drag n'drop feature
Editor/bugfix: disabling code completion/calltips for non-Python
source code (was not working -as expected- but was taking time to
simply not work...)
Editor/go to line: fixed unicode error
Code editor/bugfix: cursor position was not restored when undoing an
indent operation with "tab always indent" feature turned on *and* the
cursor at the end of the line
Tab behavior when "tab always indents" is turned off: inserting
4-(len(leading_text) % 4) spaces (instead of 4)
Object inspector/bugfix: ignoring unknown objects when called
automatically from editor/console, i.e. do not log, do not show 'no
doc available'

Other changes (since v2.0.6):

Code editor syntax highlighting: added more keywords to Cython syntax
highlighter (cpdef, inline, cimport and DEF)
Added example of application using the Spyder's internal shell as a
debugging console (demonstrates also the py2exe deployment procedure)
Object inspector: added "Source" combo box (Console/Editor) -> object
inspected from editor are now analyzed only with rope (if available)
and then shown in object inspector
Added keyboard shortcut to open Preferences Dialog (default: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P)
Editor: added "Copy line" feature (Ctrl+Alt+Down), similar to
"Duplicate line" (Ctrl+Alt+Up) but paste text before the current
line/selected text (instead of after)
Array editor: added option to set row/col labels (resp. ylabels and xlabels)
Editor/rope: improved performance for calltips/doc feature


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