[Numpy-discussion] Variable in an array name?

Zachary Pincus zachary.pincus at yale.edu
Wed Jan 12 11:05:58 EST 2011

> Thank you very much for the prompt response.  I have already done  
> what you
> have suggested, but there are a few cases where I do need to have an  
> array
> named with a variable (looping through large numbers of unrelated  
> files and
> calculations that need to be dumped into different analyses).  It  
> would be
> extraordinarily helpful if someone could post a solution to this  
> problem,
> regardless of inefficiency of the method.  Thanks a ton for any  
> additional
> help.

You could store arrays associated with string names, or other  
identifiers, (as opposed to integer indices) in a python dict.

Global and local namespaces are also just dicts that you can grab with  
globals() and locals(), if you really want to look up variable names  
algorithmically, but I promise you that this is really not what you  
want to be doing.


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