[Numpy-discussion] Numpy 1.5.1 - Mac - with Activestate Python 3

Chris Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Wed Jan 12 21:32:00 EST 2011

On 1/12/2011 12:57 PM, David Cortesi wrote:
> I have installed ActiveState's Python 3 packages on Mac OS X 10.6.6.

> When I run the Mac OS installer it shows all disks as ineligible and
> the error message, "numpy 1.5.1 can't be installed on this disk. numpy
> requires System Python 2.6 to install."

Sorry, that is is a bad error message. What I'm pretty sure it means to 
say is:

"numpy requires the Python 2.6 binary from python.org "

I looked at this error message ages ago, and It's less trivial to fix 
that you'd think -- but I thought it had been fixed.

> What can I do to persuade numpy to install? Must I build it from source
> to get it to use Python 3?

You *may* need the python.org binary, rather than ActiveState, but it 
looks like you're trying to install a numpy binary for 2.6 -- that's not 
going to work on 3.* -- look for a binary for 3.* -- I'm not sure it 
exists, though.

NOTE: if you're still confused, tell us exactly what file you are trying 
to install from, and where you downloaded it from.


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