[Numpy-discussion] Developer NumPy list versus User NumPy list

Brennan Williams brennan.williams at visualreservoir.com
Thu Jan 27 19:12:40 EST 2011

On 28/01/2011 1:07 p.m., Sturla Molden wrote:
> Den 28.01.2011 00:23, skrev Robert Kern:
>> We've resisted it for years. I don't think the split has done scipy
>> much good.
> The scope of NumPy is narrower development-wise and wider user-wise.
> While SciPy does not benefit, as use and development are still quite
> entangled, this is not be the case for NumPy.
> Perhaps we could split the NumPy list and merge the SciPy lists?
As a user of NumPy and SciPy (and there are probably a lot of people who 
use both) why not have one developer list for both NumPy and SciPy and 
one user list for both NumPy and SciPy? It might not work from a 
developer point of view but I think it does from a user point of view - 
mind you I just put everything of interest from both mailing lists into 
one folder.


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