[Numpy-discussion] Wiener filter / decorrelation

Sturla Molden sturla at molden.no
Sat Jan 29 17:44:29 EST 2011

Didn't I recommend the C++ and Fortran versions of 2nd edition? I 
particularly like the Fortran 90 edition as NumPy behaves like a vector 
machine as well. (The algorithms are explained in the Fortran 77 text, 
so they must be read together.)

I'd like to warn against NR in C (all algorithms contain illegal C) and 
the third edition of NR (bloated and unorganised text, obfuscated C++), 
as well as known NR problems (e.g. bad PRNGs, unstable SVD code, slow 
FFTs, license).

Another book I recommend is Golub and van Loan's text on matrix 
computations (1996). It explains the algorithms with array syntax 
(Matlab inspired), as well as citing LAPACK and BLAS routines relevant 
for the text.


Den 28.01.2011 15:50, skrev denis:
> Sturla,
>    what books do you like then, on any of NR's topics ?
> Examples convince better than attacks.
> Sure NR has its faults, but I like its style: de gustabus
> cheers
>    -- denis
> On Jan 27, 11:47 pm, Sturla Molden<stu... at molden.no>  wrote:
>> NR's third edition is utterly atrocious...
>> extensive. It has many valuable details that should have been covered in
>> previous versions, but it is presented in a way that makes me barf.

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