[Numpy-discussion] Numpy 1.6 schedule (was: Numpy 2.0 schedule)

Francesc Alted faltet at pytables.org
Mon Mar 7 09:23:10 EST 2011

A Monday 07 March 2011 15:17:17 Pauli Virtanen escrigué:
> Mon, 07 Mar 2011 14:57:39 +0100, Francesc Alted wrote:
> [clip]
> > > However, the size of PyArray_Descr does not seem to have changed
> > > between 1.5.1 and the Git master. So I'm not sure why you see
> > > this error...
> > 
> > Maybe a Cython problem?
> That would be seriously weird. Maybe the binaries you have were
> compiled against Numpy < 1.5? If so, the same errors should come up
> with Numpy 1.5.x.
> In any case, it seems to me that since there have been no changes in
> the dtype struct contents since 1.5, the Git master should behave
> exactly the same as 1.5 in this respect.

I've just tried again, and I'm reproducing the problem.  Using NumPy 

$ PYTHONPATH=.:~/python/numpy/trunk:~/python/numexpr/branches/1.4 python 
PyTables version:  2.3b1.dev
HDF5 version:      1.8.5
NumPy version:     1.5.0.dev
Numexpr version:   1.4.3.dev (not using Intel's VML/MKL)

With the same PyTables binaries, but using NumPy 1.6:

$ PYTHONPATH=.:~/python/numpy/git/numpy:~/python/numexpr/branches/1.4/ 
python tables/tests/test_all.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "tables/tests/test_all.py", line 13, in <module>
    import tables
  File "/home/faltet/PyTables/pytables/trunk/tables/__init__.py", line 
63, in <module>
    from tables.utilsExtension import getPyTablesVersion, getHDF5Version
  File "definitions.pxd", line 138, in init tables.utilsExtension 
ValueError: numpy.dtype has the wrong size, try recompiling

I don't think I'm wrong here, but I'd appreciate if somebody else can 
reproduce this (either with tables or with another Cython-dependent 

Francesc Alted

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