[Numpy-discussion] Fortran was dead ... [was Re:rewriting NumPy code in C or C++ or similar]

Dag Sverre Seljebotn d.s.seljebotn at astro.uio.no
Wed Mar 16 17:46:03 EDT 2011

On 03/16/2011 10:14 PM, william ratcliff wrote:
> Related to this, what is the status of fwrap?  Can it be used with 
> fortran 95/2003 language features?  There is a rather large code 
> crystallographic codebase (fullprof) that is written in fortran 77 
> that the author has been porting to fortran 95/2003 and actually using 
> modules for.  I'd like to write python bindings for it to make it more 
> scriptable...

Fwrap 0.1.1 is out; it supports a subset of Fortran 95/2003, biggest 
limitation being modules not being present.

Since then there's been quite a few unreleased improvements (like a much 
better and more flexible build based on waf instead of distutils).

I'm currently working on module support. Or, was ... I've put in a week 
this month, but then some simulation results grabbed my attention and I 
got derailed. Finishing up module support and making an Fwrap 0.2 
release is #2 on my "stack" of things to work on, and once I get around 
to it I expect it to take about a week. So I think it will happen :-)

If you (or anyone else) want to get involved and put in a day or two to 
help with polishing (command line interface, writing tests, 
documentation...) just email me.

Dag Sverre

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