[Numpy-discussion] What Requires C and what is just python

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Hi Ben,

  It's very easy to package numpy (and most other modules) with py2exe,
which like Dan mentioned above, will include all necessary (also non-python)
libraries into a dist-folder. The folder to distribute can of course get
quite large if you include a lot of libraries - but I think that only
standard libraries and numpy will be below 5 mb.


On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 9:30 AM, Paul Anton Letnes <
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> On 20. mars 2011, at 16.08, Ben Smith wrote:
> >
> > So, in addition to my computer science work, I'm a PhD student in econ.
> Right now, the class is using GAUSS for almost everything. This sort of
> pisses me off because it means people are building libraries of code that
> become valueless when they graduate (because right now we get GAUSS licenses
> for free, but it is absurdly expensive later) -- particularly when this is
> the only language they know.
> >
> > So, I had this idea of building some command line tools to do the same
> things using the most basic pieces of NumPy (arrays, dot products, transpose
> and inverse -- that's it). And it is going great. My problem however is that
> I'd like to be able to share these tools but I know I'm opening up a big can
> of worms where I have to go around building numpy on 75 peoples computers.
> What I'd like to do is limit myself to just the functions that are
> implemented in python, package it with py2exe and hand that to anyone that
> needs it. So, my question, if anyone knows, what's implemented in python and
> what depends on the c libraries? Is this even possible?
> I can testify that on most windows computers python(x,y) will give you
> everything you need - numpy, scipy, matplotlib, pyqt for GUI design, and
> much more.
> The only problem I ever saw was that some people had problems with $PATH
> not being set properly on windows. But this was on machines that seemed to
> be full of other problems.
> Oh, and in my experience, it is easier to run python scripts from the
> generic windows command line than in the ipython shell.
> Good luck,
> Paul
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