[Numpy-discussion] Problems building NumPy with GotoBLAS

Giuseppe Aprea giuseppe.aprea at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 05:13:26 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I wonder if Peter finally got Gotoblas working with numpy. I am trying with
gotoblas 1.13 installed in the same way:

$ ls -R
include  lib


blaswrap.h  cblas.h  clapack.h  f2c.h

libgoto2.a  libgoto2_nehalemp-r1.13.a  libgoto2_nehalemp-r1.13.so libgoto2.so

and numpy 1.5.1 with this site.cfg

library_dirs =
include_dirs =
search_static_first = 1
libraries = goto2
language = fortran
libraries = goto2
language = fortran
amd_libs = amd
umfpack_libs = umfpack
libraries = fftw3

(I also tried without "_opt" and "language = fortran"); I used goto2 for
lapack because I read lapack should be included in libgoto (anyway things do
not change using "lapack"). I am quite sure the system is not using my
goto-lapack stuff since every time I buid i get:

building extension "numpy.numarray._capi" sources
building extension "numpy.fft.fftpack_lite" sources
building extension "numpy.linalg.lapack_lite" sources
creating build/src.linux-x86_64-2.7/numpy/linalg
*### Warning:  Using unoptimized lapack ###*
*  adding 'numpy/linalg/lapack_litemodule.c' to sources.*
  adding 'numpy/linalg/python_xerbla.c' to sources.
  adding 'numpy/linalg/zlapack_lite.c' to sources.
  adding 'numpy/linalg/dlapack_lite.c' to sources.
  adding 'numpy/linalg/blas_lite.c' to sources.
  adding 'numpy/linalg/dlamch.c' to sources.
  adding 'numpy/linalg/f2c_lite.c' to sources.
building extension "numpy.random.mtrand" sources
creating build/src.linux-x86_64-2.7/numpy/random
C compiler: /usr/local/gcc/4.5.2//gcc/bin/gcc -DNDEBUG -g -fwrapv -O3 -Wall
-Wstrict-prototypes -O1 -pthread -fPIC -march=native -mtune=native
-I/usr/local/gcc/4.5.2//fftw/3.2.2/include -fPIC

during numpy installation (which ends successfully). Moreover I cannot see
any -lgoto2 as I would have expected.
Incidentally, I cannot see -lamd, -lumfpack, -lfftw3 (or any reference
to amd, umfpack, fftw3) neither, although there seems to be something to
handle them in system_info.py. The failure is so complete that I must have
done some big mistake but I can't correct my site.cfg even after searching
the internet. This seems to be one of the major discussion about this topic
so I am asking here for some help, please.
Is the problem related with site.cfg or with gotoblas2 installation? Is it
true that gotoblas2 hosts a full lapack inside?

thank you very much!

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