[Numpy-discussion] ANN: TreeDict 0.12, a lightweight library for hierarchical parameter/data management

Hoyt Koepke hoytak at stat.washington.edu
Fri Mar 25 16:32:58 EDT 2011


I thought the numpy/scipy community might be particularly interested
in this library, so here goes:

I'm pleased to announce a release of the next version of TreeDict, a
dictionary-like, hierarcical python container to simplify the
bookkeeping surrounding parameters, variables and data. It aims to be
fast, lightweight, intuitive, feature-rich and stable.  While intended
for general python coding, it includes a number of features
particularly useful for scientific programming. It is similar in basic
functionality to MATLAB structures in terms of concise syntax and
implicit branch creation, which, I've found, makes organizing
parameters/data much easier than with other methods. In addition,
though, TreeDict implements all the methods of regular dictionaries,
pickling, fast non-intersecting hashing for efficient cache lookups,
manipulations on the tree structure, a system for forward referencing
branches to make lists of parameters more readable, BSD license, and a
full suite of unit tests.  More info can be found at

Questions or comments or feedback are welcome.


P.S. One thought regarding scipy -- since this library is fairly
similar to matlab structs, it may be easy to integrate this with the
current matlab io routines to translate things between the two more
easily.  In this direction, I've added in options to two methods,
fromdict and convertTo, to make conversion to/from the existing python
representations of the matlab objects.  Discussion/comments on this
point are welcome.

+ Hoyt Koepke
+ University of Washington Department of Statistics
+ http://www.stat.washington.edu/~hoytak/
+ hoytak at gmail.com

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