[Numpy-discussion] Array views

Hugo Gagnon sourceforge.numpy at user.fastmail.fm
Sat Mar 26 13:10:42 EDT 2011


Say I have a few 1d arrays and one 2d array which columns I want to be
the 1d arrays.
I also want all the a's arrays to share the *same data* with the b
If I call my 1d arrays a1, a2, etc. and my 2d array b, then

b[:,0] = a1[:]
b[:,1] = a2[:]

won't work because apparently copying occurs.
I tried it the other way around i.e.

a1 = b[:,0]
a2 = b[:,1]

and it works but that doesn't help me for my problem.
Is there a way to reformulate the first code snippet above but with
shallow copying?

  Hugo Gagnon
  Hugo Gagnon

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