[Numpy-discussion] loadtxt ndmin option

Derek Homeier derek at astro.physik.uni-goettingen.de
Fri May 6 06:57:39 EDT 2011

On 6 May 2011, at 07:53, Ralf Gommers wrote:

> >> Looks okay, and I agree that it's better to fix it now. The timing
> >> is a bit unfortunate though, just after RC2. I'll have closer look
> >> tomorrow and if it can go in, probably tag RC3.
> >>
> >> If in the meantime a few more people could test this, that would be
> >> helpful.
> >>
> >> Ralf
> >
> > I agree, wish I had time to push this before rc2. I could add the
> > explanatory comments
> > mentioned above and switch to use the atleast_[12]d() solution, test
> > that and push it
> > in a couple of minutes, or should I better leave it as is now for
> > testing?
> Quick follow-up: I just applied the above changes, added some tests to
> cover Ben's test cases and tested this with 1.6.0rc2 on OS X 10.5
> i386+ppc
> + 10.6 x86_64 (Python2.7+3.2). So I'd be ready to push it to my repo
> and do
> my (first) pull request...
> Go ahead, I'll have a look at it tonight. Thanks for testing on  
> several Pythons, that definitely helps.

Done, the request only appears on my repo

is that correct? If someone could test it on Linux and Windows as  


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