[Numpy-discussion] How can Import DATA from a Fortran file

Aradenatorix Veckhom Vacelaevus aradnix at gmail.com
Fri May 20 21:36:46 EDT 2011

Hi again:

Thanks Olivier, I understood you only wanna show me a way for solve my
problem. I'm reading about the options in python for files and stuff. I
think is better to write a code for solve our problems, but I found very
useful the genfromtxt tool so I want to use it if I can't I have to parse my
file with a lot of loops.

And I agree with Bruce also about the complexity of my original data file so
I divided the original file in ten files each one with an array for simplify
the task, now I need to see how to open each file for can read it and obtain
what I need from.

I think I need to make two scripts one for the first type arrays and the
second for the others where maybe I need to operate over the columns, and I
think I really need your helping, but how to provide the actual file? is a
little big for attach here. Thanks again for all your helping and advices.

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