[Numpy-discussion] Python memory management issues using Linux. Maybe Numpy related.

Jeffrey Spencer jeffspencerd at gmail.com
Sun May 22 00:27:11 EDT 2011

I have had issues with Linux (Ubuntu 10.04 x86_64) not releasing memory 
back to the OS. I have code here the exhibits the issue:


Then I read at http://pushingtheweb.com/2010/06/python-and-tcmalloc/ 
that this was a problem fixed by compiling your own version of Python 
using the TCMalloc library which I have now done. The issue is still 
exhibited so I was keen to know if possibly it was because numpy is 
compiled and linked to the default memory management library (not sure 
if this is true or how this works but would I also need to compile numpy 
linked to the TCMalloc library). Let me know if anyone has any insight 
on this issue. Or if it isn't related to numpy at all.

Jeffrey Spencer
Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Nonlinear Signal Processing Group
The University of Melbourne
jeffspencerd at gmail.com
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