[Numpy-discussion] 2D Fourier Transform with 1D functions

Goo Creations goocreations at gmail.com
Tue May 24 03:29:42 EDT 2011

Hi all

I know there exists a function for Fourier transforming 2D : fft2
But I'm trying to understand how this function works. As far as I know,
first a column based transform is done and then a row based transform.

This is what I've created for a test:

*test = np.array([[1+0j,2+0j], [3+0j, 4+0j]])
own = np.array([[1+0j, 2+0j, 3+0j, 4+0j]])

testRes = np.fft.fft2(test, (2,2))
print testRes

ownRes = np.fft.fft(own,4)

At this point I'm stuck, since I'm not sure how to do the row based
transform on ownRes.
Is there anyone out there who knows how to do this?

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