[Numpy-discussion] finding elements that match any in a set

Michael Katz michaeladamkatz at yahoo.com
Fri May 27 12:48:15 EDT 2011

I have a numpy array, records, with named fields including a field named 
"integer_field". I have an array (or list) of values of interest, and I want to 
get the indexes where integer_field has any of those values.

Because I can do

    indexes = np.where( records.integer_field > 5 )

I thought I could do

    indexes = np.where( records.integer_field in values )

But that doesn't work. (As a side question I'm interested in why that doesn't 
work, when values is a python list.)

How can I get those indexes? I though perhaps I need a nested np.where, or some 
other two-step process, but it wasn't clear to me how to do it.

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