[Numpy-discussion] Contribution

Dmitriy Rybalkin dmitriy.rybalkin at gmail.com
Fri May 27 13:47:24 EDT 2011

Greeting the community of Numpy project
My name is Dmitriy and I'am a computer science master student of
Australian National University and, to be honest, not a good
programmer, though I found that Numpy/Scipy project has a good
Cookbook and I thought I could contribute to the Numpy project by
showing some examples of simple classification techniques (Fisher
discriminant function, Naive Bayes) which use numpy functions. So,
I'am inquiring about such contribution and some details: can I do that
and, if yes, then how can I submit such example or should I only
modify the Wiki page and request the permission?

With best regards

Dmitriy Rybalkin

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