[Numpy-discussion] loadtxt ndmin option

Derek Homeier derek at astro.physik.uni-goettingen.de
Tue May 31 10:53:26 EDT 2011

Hi Chris,

On 31 May 2011, at 13:56, cgraves wrote:

> I've downloaded the latest numpy (1.6.0) and loadtxt has the ndmin  
> option,
> however neither genfromtxt nor recfromtxt, which use loadtxt, have it.
> Should they have inherited the option? Who can make it happen?

you are mistaken, genfromtxt is not using loadtxt (and could not  
possibly, since it has the more complex parser to handle missing  
data); thus ndmin could not be inherited automatically.
It certainly would make sense to provide the same functionality for  
genfromtxt (which should then be inherited by [nd,ma,rec]fromtxt), so  
I'd go ahead and file a feature (enhancement) request. I can't promise  
I can take care of it myself, as I am less familiar with genfromtxt,  
but I'd certainly have a look at it.

Does anyone have an opinion whether this is a case for reopening (yet  
or create a new ticket?


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